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The short answer is - for me; No! Whilst they appeared to work at first, they actually ended up making things worse; and I mean a LOT worse! I have been working hard on lifestyle change. Since doing so, I have come to discover that there are no chemical solutions for lifestyle related problems.

I do feel that medications have their place, however to use them anymore than the aids they be is setting oneself up for chemical dependency that will for all intent purposes present more debilitating issues than the anxiety they mask.

That's the short answer from my perspective. I'm also a complicated case with a long history and have tried many things. Medications helped me during crisis situations and at other times afforded me much needed space in which I could then begin creating new and positive experiences that still to this day enable me to change the way I think; furthermore ultimately allowed me to break the chemical dependency that was slowly taking over my life. Falling into chemical complacency was a big trap for me. One that lead me into major health issues that almost killed me. A slow and deceptive trap that can take years.

Thankfully I found that much need space between the noose and the pills. IMO - each is as risky as the other. Making a lifestyle change that's based on doing the least amount of damage to my body through avoiding unnatural chemicals point blank and constantly moving forward is what works for me.

Here's to wishing you all the best with what works for you.

"...moving forward is what helps me."
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