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Originally Posted by myself0500 View Post
They haven't worked for me yet . I am going to a new doctor sometime this month maybe I will find a medication that works idk . What I do know is I dont think a medication can make somebody like me who has no social skills somehow become social . I just dont know how therapy or mediation is going to somehow make me interesting and easy to talk to . I have nothing in common with any normal people and nothing to talk to them about , even just regular daily life . Just another reason among many reasons I am so afraid of the real world .
Well I can see how you'd think that mate but I doubt it's the case. I don't think you can probably know really how you'd be with no anxiety present - how could you know that as you haven't felt it yet?

My life has been very strange, and I'm sure that I don't really understand many of the things that have happened to me - but I do know that I had very bad anxiety, and still do in many situations. But I can talk to people and make them laugh (usually) once I actually get myself in the situation. I've even been told I'm a very likable person (which is nice) - although personally I think of myself as a bit of a dickhead. (sorry - typical Aussie self-depracating humour there. )

My point is that we can't know just how we will develop - because this terrible thing called anxiety is holding us back. It stops many of us from learning how to talk to people - simply because we're too afraid to. But once the anxiety is gone, or at least reduced - you might be able to learn how to socialise. Without the fear there you can develop more as a person - do more things and become more "interesting", for want of a better word.
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