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Originally Posted by VanitysFiend View Post
*****! I wish citalopram had that effect on me, I have a very low appetite and thus am pretty skinny, and often have low energy. I've been trying to eat more healthily but those foods r so filling it just murders my appetite more than junk food...

First 2 weeks of citalopram did do a number on my sleep though...I'd wake up at 3am and wouldn't be able to go back to sleep
I'm glad the Citalopram is helping you somewhat mate - and it's strange isn't it how they affect everybody differently. I was skinny all my life, and am again now, although have filled out a bit in my "middle" age.

The lexapro used to put "weight" on around the belly - I've seen it mentioned before in the medication section on this site. Sometimes it seemed a lot more like bloating than fat and was very uncomfortable. (and embarassingly ugly)

I think my response to them might be due to some other problem I have. I become very manic after I stop them - which is strange. Not sure if it's bipolar or not but very strange. They got me away from the benzos which I'll always be grateful for though.
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