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Originally Posted by TonyH View Post
I'm curious, medications often cause a wide variety of effects. But did they help you? For a large part even if they did remove your anxiety, you would still be intrinsically you however. Through CBT and books, it helps gain perspectives in ways you are behaving as many are further inducing your own anxiety (feeding it even). So I'm curious as to if medications helped you somehow care less what others think. Wouldn't they simply make you feel numb and less sensitive and kill all motivation? They are useful for a lot of things, but I think if it kills your sensitivity and ability to feel you'd be so detached and without a soul even LOL.

Did anyone become more extroverted on medication or simply you felt less anxiety but less inclined to interact because of itl? It is a curious question indeed.
I've been taking 20mg of an SSRI called citalopram hydrobromide since June 3rd 2016. I haven't had any therapy yet, and don't have an official diagnosis, but my GP's pretty confident I have SAD (at least). I would say they've helped me (and I'm hoping that therapy can help me some more). The meds defiantly help me care less about what others think, I don't postmortem my past interactions with people much anyone, although if something blindsides me it can still cause me anxiety in the present*. Numb just isn't the word I'd use to describe myself on these drugs, they stop my anxiety from becoming despair, and without the despair to preoccupy me I'm mostly bored sh*tless, which is motivating me to do things beyond hide in my room playing video games, watching TV, and reading random stuff online or in books all day. Being sensitive isn't much use when most of your feelings are depressing, my emotions may be flatter, but my intellect feels intact and it's playful enough to keep me entertained, who wouldn't sacrifice their soul in the name of self improvement

I'd say I've become abit more extroverted around people I know (not friends, just acquaintances), strangers are still an issue but it feels like more of a technically prob than an emotional one. I feel more inclined to interact without the anxiety.

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