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Started this again (10mg), been over 2 months (9 weeks) now and feeling a bit better. I think it helped stopping and starting this before starting again. I didn't have many of the side effects when re-starting and they wore off quicker.

9 weeks later and I have no bad side effects at all really and my anxiety is much reduced. Still get panicky in certain situations but along with CBT it's becoming easier to manage. I'd say there's a 50% improvement from 9 weeks ago.

Not perfect but noticeably better. I'm wondering whether I might go up to 20mg soon, but worried about if side effects will kick in again, will have to speak to my doc about this.

Edit: Noticed something strange yesterday, saw someone in the supermarket who I knew, was with someone else and we stopped for a conversation and I found myself actually smiling - and it just came naturally out of nowhere, like I was genuinely pleased to see them which I was... .
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