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15 Mins a Day That Will Change Your Life!

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What is great is that when you start to really put the vision in front of you and really manifest in a way where it is like this is number, this is what I want and then you start to move towards it and you see the number getting there it is such of an amazing feeling. Now what I am talking about here is setting goals in terms of in any area of your life where you have some numbers that are involved whether that be finance, relationships. Whether that be any area of your life and career, any number that you can think of really you can set a goal with. If you want to read a certain amount of books in your personal develop, whether you want to listen to a certain amount of tapes or you want to go to certain amount of seminars or events. Or you want to do a certain amount of speeches or you want to do some videos, whatever you want to do it doesn’t really matter what it is what really matters is that you start getting some numbers in front of you that say: “Hey Buddy, Here’s What You Are Doing This Month. Here’s What You Are Getting Done And You Are Not Going to Get Away With Anything Less” This is a complete and entirely game changer it takes 15mins per month to sit down and write out your goals for the month. I am not saying be realistic or don’t be realistic you decide yourself what you want to put on a piece of paper but what is really important and the key here is to hang it up in front of you wherever you are working the most, whatever spot you are in the most that is the place where you should be placing this piece of paper of yours to hang. This monthly goals, these amazing goals and your timeframe is there, everything is there everything is right in front of you and when you have it that way you start to move towards it automatically. Whether you like it or not it starts to get engraved into your head and you start thinking: “Ok, I Got to do Something Towards This” because when you look at that you feel bad, look really what I am saying to you is that you need to have a plan, you need to have some kind of idea roughly estimation of where you are going because if you are just going to set sail and hope for the best well then you are going to end up down the stream just like everybody else. So let go of that and instead get into a place, a spot where you are planning out your month at least roughly.

Weekly planning is great, and daily planning is great but for me monthly planning is the greatest because monthly planning gives me enough time and enough space, enough room to breathe as well as a “Long-termish” vision that says: “Ok, Here is What is Got to be Done” and then I write out the steps, I think about what I am going to do on a daily basis are more tailored towards that. Now the week can be structured towards that as well however you like to do it but this is a great place to start.

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