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There is huge variation in people but not only is that variation not allowed to exist in society, it is also labeled negatively and with terms that claim there is some sort of problem with differences. But there is no actual problem. People are simply different in a wide range of ways and if anything, its "the system" that is defective because it is trying to force everyone to behave in a narrow and arbitrary set of ways (and which is commonly known as "normal") and which everyone then tries to comply with because they are led to believe that this is what will lead to them being accepted and that this is what they need to be happy. But it doesn't actually mean that at all. Why people are liked or not liked, accepted and not accepted is multi factorial question and the formula is unknown, much like attraction/chemistry between people is unknown.
Those in white coats and with letters after their name claim to know why we suffer but they don't actually and we should stop giving deference to these people who approach human suffering from a defective basis and who ignore knowledge that has been around for thousands of years and which provides the answers for why we suffer.

Social Anxiety does not really exist (as an illness or disorder etc) and just because some people choose to spend their time differently to others does not mean there is a problem or that there is something wrong with them. Trying to fit yourself into and complying with what you have been told is what you must have in your life and then not finding it working for you, is what causes the suffering that all who have self-identified with SA endure and as I had done for many years.

There is nothing wrong with you or anyone else on this forum. This also goes for all forms of depression, anxiety, bi-polar and many other made-up conditions.
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