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Things can get better


I've just logged in after 5 years away from the SAD forum.
Wow - it sure got busy round here, good to see so many reaching out to each other.

My update is this;

Things do improve..... or our view of it does.
I turned myself around - I realized that there was more to life than socializing (or worrying about not socializing) and that the departure of my wife may be a good thing, rather than focusing on the 15 years spent trying to compromise with someone with different goals.

It was as if a switch was flicked, I changed me. I began not to mind being alone, I made it work for me. The day I stopped worrying about being alone, it all became OK. I was much more relaxed and people wanted to be around me more.

5 years later, I have a much better job, a fantastic girlfriend (Who happens to be a CBT Therapist!) and kids (3 between us), I divorced my ex and bought her out of the house. We got a dog. We go on holiday and for weekends away. We have the same goals/desires/needs and are happy just to be with each other.

I don't have a wide circle of friends, I have a handful of old friends who visit rarely but I can deal with that. I enjoy time alone and enjoy work again.

Life is pretty good.
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