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Cynic for sure! Do me a favor, in the next week or so, after having a stressful weak, wake up at 4 a.m. Upon waking up, place Panax Gingseng or Maca Sublingual drops under your tongue and leave it for about a minute or so( I also add gingko and saw palmetto sublingual drops). ...drink a glass of water then put your running shoes and running shorts and go for a five mile run or 1 mile run if not in shape. Try that for a few days and then post a comment on your experience. By the way, i've done this without any herbal supplements, as mind over matter is a very powerful thing and exercise alone gives you the "runners high"...increase serotonin/endorphins..... However, you can definitely experience a very powerful and mind boosting feeling upon taking Gingseng/Maca and supplementing it with exercise. Not to mention the increase focus and concentration as a result of the combo. Well, this is my personal experience and there is nothing fraudulent about it........ Best Wishes!
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