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nardil question

I have taken Nardil over 25 years for panic disorder and has worked very well, no panic now, but depression when going off nardil.

I was recently hospitalized with orthostatic hypotension. I had numbness to left side of body, but no weakness, could not find a cause.

I had been taking nardil 45mg at bedtime, plus klonopin 2mg and restoril 15mg all together. Does anyone take all 45mg at one time?? I'm wondering if this was the cause of the numbness and also restoril was a new drug for me

I would appreciate any help or advice on this issue. I really need the Nardil back for severe depression. I have tried everything else to no avail

My pdocs do not seem to know and don't really want to put me back on Nardil, but I know I need it after 25 years of taking it.

Thank you,
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