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Originally Posted by Iwillovercomeanxiety1 View Post
How come you think raising the dose would help with the GAD and OCD? What mechanisms in a higher dose do you think help with GAD and OCD?
Not really sure about the "mechanism of the pill" since MAO should be inhibited at lower doses.. But i found that i "ruminate" less and doesn't worry as much about things...

About sleep, ive always had problem sleeping or falling asleep... At about 23:00 and after i actually feel more energetic then during the day...

As for Parnate, for me it causes some type of "Narcolepsy"... I get dead tired at 19:30... And thats just to early to go to bed... After that "sleep attack" subsides... I then get energetic at 23:00 or so....

Benzo helps me fall asleep, but then i sleep for 3-4hours...
I kinda go with that. and every 3-4 days i use Theralen/alimemzine wich works somewhat like an Antipsychotic and get to sleep some 8hours... But it gives me "hangover" the day after.
Ive had this problem even at low doses such as 20-30mg of Parnate...

But yeah Caedmon like Trazodone. I don't have that in Sweden, but yeah guess you have to play around and find a sleepmedicine that works for you...

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