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I've been using Inositol for about 6 months. I completely love it.
I initially started taking it to help with sleep. After a while I noticed that it really helped my mood and my social anxiety. My doctor said repeatedly that inositol is completly harmless, non toxic. It's also made in the gut, blah blah and you'd have to take bucket loads to do anything.
I found that it really helped with my social phobia / anxiety. I wasn't expecting this and it was just great. I would go out and just be happy to be talking to people etc.
A telling moment was when my partner told me that his ex wife was having a party and that, even though he would be away, she said I would be welcome to go. Normally, I have to be dragged out of the house to anything and I particularly dislike the ex wife due to history. But suddenly I wanted to go and thought, yes, that'd be a lot of fun and felt that I'd really enjoy it etc etc.
Unfortunately, I didn't go because I decided to go to something with my own friends.... but ... it was just great to see how much improved I was....
I notice that I can pretty much tell how socialble i will feel by how much i take. I generally take it at night. If I fall alseep before taking it the next day I'll be back to my normal non social self. Days after I've taken a small amount I'll feel sociable in the morning but it wears off in the afteroon. Then if I'm taking larger amounts I have greater effects.......
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