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Originally Posted by ingsoc3125 View Post
Just a bit of a preamble: As the title of this thread suggests, this is about a crisis of faith I'm currently experiencing. I don't want to exclude anyone from the conversation at all, but I'd prefer that anyone who feels led to comment be someone who has personally experienced doubts in their faith and can share their stories on that.

I've been a Christian all of my life. Missing church on Sunday or Wednesday growing up was extremely rare. I was very active in youth group, as well as the Baptist Collegiate Ministry in all four years of college. But now that I've graduated things are starting to change.

I live at home and still attend church with my parents, but over these past few months God has started to feel far away. You might ask, "Well, have you been spending time with God (i.e. reading your Bible) or praying about it?" The Bible reading, not much; prayer once and a while. I guess one might say that the lack of both of those things is the root of my problem. Well, here's what's troubling me: I feel like when we spend a lot of time studying the Bible or prayer, we end up deceiving ourselves and become convinced that we feel the presence of a higher power that isn't really there. I go into church with as open of a mind as I can muster up, but when I try to make myself sing during worship services or listen to a service, I just don't feel anything. When I try to pray I feel like I'm talking to the wall.

Any stories you have of struggles with faith would be great. I want to believe in a loving, higher power and that there's something better for us after this life, but it's gotten so hard to do that.
Try to understand fully what Jesus said. Im not even religious and I agree with him.
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