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Originally Posted by cj123 View Post
From an individual basis, what would personally be beneficial to you to manage your social anxiety?
Only one thing that has really helped me: accepting yourself fully & unconditionally, this starts with self discovery (still doing it now and maybe will still be doing this my whole life). By being comfortable in your own skin, you'll become secure in the world wherever you are, whatever situation you're in. Doesn't matter if you have or have no friends, 'good or bad' in presentations etc because whichever thing you choose (say, having only 4-5 close friends etc - damn it's hard to explain!), you know that's the best for you & you're happy with it. No more (at least much less) unnecessary self-consciousness (that I think is basically the definition of social anxiety).

Unless you're doing a scientific research, I suggest not to browse on this too much or you'll get overloaded and forget to apply any in real life (lol speaking from experience). Pick 1-2 methods that resonate with your heart and go with them until you think those become outdated as you grow, then move on to the new ones.

Good luck.

T r u t h always feels better.
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