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Day 6

I'm still getting some side effects like dizziness but today feels more positive overall. I've observed for the first time today that my pupils are not dilated! (Yay) This is the first day where this hasn't occurred. I laughed today without it feeling forced, the first time I can remember doing that maybe since childhood.

The side effects of starting the drug are pretty awful but I feel gradually I'm getting over them. I'm from a scientific background so I'm still very sceptical about the efficacy or drugs like SSRI's over placebo but it does seem to be having a positive effect even at this very early stage. To be modest I'd say I've noticed a 10-20% change at the moment. At only 6 days in that seems quite incredible (placebo?). I'm sure as more of the side effects subside that this will increase, but I'm not expecting miracles either (I don't believe any magic pill will cure SA/GAD completely), but I'm happy with the current levels of 10-20% if that's all this drug will give me. If I get any more benefit that's a bonus. In summary it's a slight boost which I really needed.
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