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Originally Posted by ZacharyJ View Post
I didn't mention this in my above review, but starting out on Lexapro was horrible for me. Constant dizziness for two weeks and, even though I was only mildly depressed before, occasional suicidal when I never had them before. I was started on 20mg, no tapering. If someone started off on Lexapro and already had suicidal thoughts, this drug could destroy them, no doubt about it.

Doctors really need to remember to taper up these drugs. They make 2.5mg Lexapro for a reason.
Yes, I'd definitely recommend anyone starting this drug to be tapered. I've definitely felt dizziness (see my next post) and the suicidal when not before like you experienced. That seems to be passing now though. I believe my doc started me on 10mg straight away as I was kinda spiralling into worse and worse anxiety (not even doing the small amount of limited things I used to do) and in some ways that has been good - it's given me a kick in the *** definitely - but the side effects are pretty awful, so if you're depression/anxiety is mild (I know this is really had to determine, but I'd say e.g. if you're not getting multiple panic attacks a day) then start on a lower dose and taper yourself properly - I really needed the kick in the *** so 10mg has been good.

I will definitely be tapering myself when I get off the drug as I've read a lot of reports about SSRI withdrawal e.g. the brain zaps etc. when I want to stop I'll go 5mg 2.5mg more fractions etc (maybe see if I can get liquid escitalopram/lexapro for this too). Although I have read that withdrawals from Lexapro are not as bad as Paroxetine/Paxil/Seroxat.
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