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Day 3 (Day 1 & 2 I didn't post here)

I've just started on escitalopram (2 days ago) (lexapro) (10mg daily) and it seems to be having some positive effects. It seems a lot more refined than citalopram (I was prescribed this previously but stopped taking it as I felt completely detached).

Major first things ive noticed are yawning, couldn't stop yawning all of the time. I get a light headed feeling with and being a bit clumsy but not really too bad. It doesn't seem to kill actually wanting to feel happy like pure citalopram (celexa/cipramil) so if I laugh I can still feel happy. Whereas citalopram just made me feel numb, null and void.

I'm going to see how this one pans out but I feel positive about it at the moment. I haven't tried sex yet so I don't know how it will effect me from that angle. Pure citalopram was awful from that perspective.

All in all I think this is helping me at the moment, will keep updating you as and when.


I should add that I have had trouble sleeping with it, but then again I have that with my anxiety anyway so not sure if that is actually caused by the escitalopram/lexapro or not.
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