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fish oil

Originally Posted by renski View Post
depends on the epa/dha levels in the fish oil, you need around 1000mg of epa daily to notice anything.
I agree it has to have high EPA at least 1000mg.After a year or so of hardly any anxiety due to work (that is where all my anxiety comes from) I had a bad week last week and went right back to full anxiety mode and depressed. It really scared me and made me feel down. I had bought Omega3 Mood from Country Life in Amazon and had noticed before the benefits but was taking it once a week or so and only one capsule.
The anxiety also caused heartburn. I took something for that and 2 omega 3 which is the suggested dosage with 1000mg EPA and immediately felt like the anxiety and despair was gone, and i can think clearer, also the fear of having to speak in public at my job diminished and my brain is too calm to let thoughts like what are my coworkers thinking about me, bother me.
I took 2 caps last night and the feeling lasted all day. I started to notice it decreasing a bit tonight so i took another 2 pills and feel no anxiety again. I hope that this continues to work and help me go through this bump.
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