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The Long Awaited Return For Those Who Did Not Wait


This is BigNate! If anyone does happen to remember anything of my previous venture into this particular site. A whole lot of weird things were going on personally. The internet was really something that I did not want to deal with anymore so I took my issues out of the front door of my house and began a journey, if you will.

There really is nothing that I can, or will complain about. I blame this on being an American in the "United" States, and other specifics that would possibly offend other users so I will leave the others unsaid. Since my departure (I love words) I have really just improved the quality of living. A phrase I believe most of us are familiar with.

I always liked keeping a blog here that always seemed to get taken down which is not a deal at all. There will not be any type of events like that happening, but I will, or may be giving a story here and there. Basically I have experienced some things that may come as a shock, or to the unspirited mind, nothing out of the ordinary.

I know Kim was brought up, and I do believe I mentioned Jamie. Jamie gave me the definition of blind love. I happened to mete a couple of other women, I guess, during the time you have not heard of me. Hopefully you have not heard of me. The internet terrifies me at times because of how much at risk everyone becomes giving out personal information that was something taught to me in the fourth grade to never do, but time goes by.

Basically, I am just very positive with the thought process I have right now, god forbid. I am a little off tilt with things being said having an opt to be jinxed. Though, right now I am a productive citizen to my community. I have lost a lot of friends over drugs. I am a clean person. Sober. I do take medicine that weed smokers and drug addicts like to look at and call me a hypocrite when I ask why they self medicate. The door then starts yelling my name and I get up and leave. That is the nutshell, if you will, on what is going on with me. I still do smoke a Black n Mild here and there. Nintendo WiiU is the best gaming console on the market if you do not like chatting with 7 year old children cursing you out while you play that mature rated game with a head set on, or that stupid voice box thing. Nintendo literally does not allow that. Basketball is still my true love. Hip-Hop holds its own place respectfully, as well as my family. I really just pray for everybody and myself, because that day will come, and I know what impact my life will leave, god forbid.

Thanks if you decided to read!!

__Once contemplated ****** and would have tried but when I held [...] all I could see was my mammas eyes__

-- Tu-Pac --

"Airlines and staircases are, and can be very much related too. It is nearly impossible to jump a flight, and they are called steps for a reason."

-- BigNate --
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