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Forcing myself to Iniciate converation with 2 gym members a day

Every time I go even if it ruins mine and even their routine. Not one person has been nasty or mean which is always the irrational thought that is in my head and prevents me from initiating conversations in the first place

People love to talk about themselves and weightlifting and giving out their advice. If I sometimes can't think of what to say I kind of throw in a compliment and it hooks then every time.

Talked to couple dozen already and am on "Hi" and stop and chat status when I see you terms with almost 10 now. I figure I see these people everyday might as well get to know them.

The girls I have not really talked to. You gotta be a little more careful because twice I was about to go up to a girl, only to see the boyfriend show up. But I'll get to them soon. I'm starting to know which ones have no boyfriends and just the thought of how uncomfortable it might be actually makes me exited. If I'm comfortable with a goal it means I'm not trying hard enough or it's time to move on as I have it almost cured. Although I do wonder if it might come off as sleazy and too many people might stop and stare. But that's just the irrational thoughts again.

For my SA it's worked wonders, and also for my Self Confidence where everything starts.

Life Shrinks and Expands in Proportion to one's courage

-Anais Nin-
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