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Repeatedly looking in the mirror for facial blemishes
Looking over work, searching for errors
Frequently checking your watch to make sure you know what time it is

Cutting out recipes from the newspaper and filing them in case you ever want to make a particular dish
Keeping your bank statements for 20 years just in
case you might need them
Keeping piles of old magazines in case you might want to reread an article one day

Failure to Delegate
Staying late to do the photocopying because you don’t trust the secretary to put the documents in the right order
Not letting others clean the house because you’re
afraid the tasks won’t be done properly

Reading the newspaper very slowly to make sure you don’t miss any important news
Speaking slowly to ensure you say the right thing (some times)

Not putting in applications for jobs for fear that you will never get them
Never weighing yourself because you believe that any weight gain will ruin your day
Not asking for a pay raise for fear of being denied


That concludes module 1. Module 2 tomorrow.
(Post got too long so I had to divide it. Sorry)

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