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I'm going to beat perfectionism

I'm going to beat my perfectionism. I feel like it's the main reason I'm struggling in life at the moment, and it really holds me back at many things.
I'll be writing a journal with my perfectionist related toughts here, that may get really stupid and sensless at times, that I can look back to when I'm lucid and try to work trough.

I'll be using this site as a guideline.

Obviously, I'll start on Module 1 - What is Perfectionism?
Starting on page 5.
Am I a perfectionist?

1. Nothing good comes from making mistakes: True
2. I must do things right the first time: Somewhat true
3. I must do
everything well, not just the things I know Iím good at: Somewhat true
4. If I canít do something
perfectly then there is no point even trying: True
5. I rarely give myself credit when I do well because
thereís always something more I could do: True
6. Sometimes I am so concerned about getting one task
done perfectly that I donít have time to complete the rest of my work: False

Answering true and somewhat true on most of these, I should really work on my perfectionism .

When am I a perfectionist?
"Being a perfectionist doesnít necessarily mean you have unrelenting high standards in every area of your life, although this may be the case for some people. It is possible to be a perfectionist in one area of your life (e.g., at work) but not in another area of your life (e.g., grooming)."

√ Work
√ Study
■ Housework/cleaning
■ Close relationships (e.g., partner, family, friends)

Organising and ordering things
■ Eating/weight/shape
Grooming/personal hygiene (Only some times)
■ Sport (but I avoid it like the plague because I suck at it so maybe)
■ Health/Fitness
Other (Hobbies)

Area where perfectionism is most problematic: Work
What problems result from perfectionism in this area? Whenever I do something wrong at work, I take it really hard. Sometimes I even get suicidal. Whenever I write an application I have to read over it until I feel like it's good enough, or until the deadline comes. Whenever I get a rejection... I feel like I'll never amount to anything and that isn't good for me. Often I will blame it on the application or the CV being flawed. My education and work history sure aren't perfect.

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