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Originally Posted by EnterSADman View Post
Like so many of these things, I've had a love hate relationship with SJW. (Taken mainly for anxiety but mood support as well.) On one hand, I feel I'm more creative on it. (I like to write). On the other hand, despite it supposedly making you have positive thoughts, I find myself moodier and getting more annoyed by the little things than when I'm off it. I'm also a little more scatterbrained and don't remember things as well on it.

It wasn't entirely negative, but I've now sworn it off because it messes with my temper too much.

I don't see too many people say that's happened with them, so maybe it's just unique with me though.
I love St. John's Wort! It makes me calmer and not think such negative thoughts. I feel like it helps me concentrate on my work and help me deal with the stress. I guess it's different for everyone, sorry you had that experience. I just wanted to know if there's a possibility of tolerance on it. ANYONE know?
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