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I took a transmission shop to court yesterday. Last year I had them repair my transmission and they botched it up so bad. So I've been building a case ever since. documenting broken and missing parts. and having other shops inspect the car and write up reports.
Court was on the 13th the first time. Judge didn't decide. And so we went back yesterday for another day of court. Short of it. I lost. The judge didn't feel I proved that the shop had done anything wrong. Or at least. The evidence I provided wasn't solid enough. But I did it. and twice. spoke in front of a court room full of people. Presented my case. Didn't go as I hoped. And.. believe me. I don't feel like beat anxiety in any way. But... I feel like I didn't let it beat me. ha. It was a draw. And for me. that's something.
And then I ran up and punched the shop owner in the face at the end of court. And now I'm going to jail. .. no just kidding. that didn't happen. :P
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