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I take Metagenics magnesium glycinate, 100mg tabs. It seems like the formula has been reduced to what is stated on the label though; since I have been on it over a year for RLS and severe chronic back spasms, and I used to be able to get plenty of relief with 2-3 tabs a day, and now 3-4 barely do it. 1 tab was like 2 aspirin.

It also helps with anxiety and sleep. I take one in the am and one in the afternoon if needed, and two a half hour before bed. The tabs used to be soft and now they are harder, so I don't know if it's more filler. I just want it to work! It's not too pricey and this is the chelated form that is also the easiest on the digestive tract. I highly recommend it, it is way better than a ton of ibuprofen and Robaxin for my back. Ibuprofen gave me ulcers and Robaxin screws up my head.

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