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Dumb people calling smart people dumb

What really annoys me is when dumb people start yelling and screaming at smart people just because they don't understand them.

Dumb person instructs smart person to place a box on top in a specific section.
-smart person proceeds to put said box (without specific instructions from the dumb person) there.
-dumb person yells: "NOT THAT WAY!! THE OTHER WAY!!"
-smart person then asserts the situation and logically concludes the dumb person means the opposite way of the current position and does so
-apparently this wasn't how the dumb person wanted the box positioned and yells at the smart person: "ARE YOU ****ING STUPID?!"
-smart person then asserts that the dumb person probably wants the box to be placed in another axis (in this case, the Z-axis as opposed to the previous xy-axis)
-dumb person says "LET ME ****ING DO IT!! HOW THE **** DO PEOPLE HIRE YOU?! YOU ARE SO ****ING STUPID!!"

For this specific example, I would like to highlight that the dumb person is really dumb because he cannot sit down and think that there are many, many ways a box can be placed in a certain position (I can think of at least 10).

I am tired of these dumb and simple gorillas who can't think beyond a one-dimensional train of thought.

Have you experienced this too?

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