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Finally breaking through to living my life after much suffering; really the only way is it starts with complete honesty, the real hunger to not live a lie, working through all of you. I don't want to give away too much but is an individual journey you cannot share with anyone and most can't do it because they can't leave behind being a baby, even a child, and truly mature which requires a person to be alone so much so yes it hurts yet that is the process that leads you to truly living. People have already noticed and I've noticed them notice by them telling me so and they always have but for some reason, I've always thought way beyond just being approved of by the checks. Anyway, it is exciting to keep it to myself because that's really what it is about. Also, I like seeing how I affect people. "WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO HER?" is among the best wonders I've left for people apparently. Yes, we're born into a world that has in all its ability to be truly unique, beautiful and so on yet it is what a waste of so much beauty and talent on destruction and though I've found a person cannot let that kill yourself and lose interest in living your own life all the while doing what you can to help it not be so bad as people I've so often witnessed say yet they have nothing to give to help. Quite the species humans are. Anyway, only the best.
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