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Growing up i was really fat my whole life , never talked to anyone or had friends. No confidence and scared of social situations because of that.

after turning 18 decided i was tired of being fat and got addicted to running. That helped my confidence. Then i got a job making decent dough. 40k a year working 25 hours a week with no bills or rent to pay.
. so my confidence was up. I was skinny , started dressing up. had a 30k shoe and clothes collection.
i then got a girl. I still had social anxiety. never been the type to go talk to females and introduce myself. scared as hell, still dont know how to do that. Was with her for 5 years then I messed up that relationship cause i got caught cheating a few times.
. Lost my job got married to a sociopath. That ish killed all my confidence Then i was left with the kids because my ex wife got tired of my social anxiety and my low confidence and left me and the kids for some other dude. So i felt worthless and my anxiety is back. Now no $ , no job , a few kids solo. No confidence , think people are always judging me and here i am. Havent been able to shake my social anxiety cause of all those issues.
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