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It looks like there's a thing to follow, so here goes:

Social Anxiety History
Severe social anxiety for around 10 years; difficulty speaking in public; managed through medication (clonazepam). Formerly managed through self-medication, unfortunately.

Experience with Kava
Used to use kava quite a bit back home. There was a kava house on the SE side of Portland that would sell it in larger (gallon?) quantities. That being said, kava has always been kinda hit or miss for me, depending on from where I'd get it. If I bought it from Bula Kava House, then it would be great - I'd feel fantastic, able to talk to folks and so on. I bought it from an online retailer through Amazon and had a pretty terrible experience with it. Due to my history with alcoholism and drugs, I try to keep myself from getting too involved with things.

That being said! I think kava-kava really requires you to find a specific type of mixture, and to keep in mind that there are, indeed, different strains of it that can affect the body & mind in different ways (similar to kratom). Some strains of kava-kava can make you more relaxed and talkative, similar to alcohol, others can make you more alert. From experience, the Fiji and Tongan tend to be better for mitigating anxiety. One thing to keep in mind when taking it is the effect it has on one's liver. When taken in large doses on the regular, it's been noted that kava-kava can cause liver damage. As with anything, make sure to be moderate. Kava, like kratom, clonazepam/benzos, lexapro, lamictal (for some people), etc., etc., etc., is not a wonder-drug. If it works for you, that's great, but please be safe. Also be sure to be careful not to drive while you've taken a lot of it - especially the Tongan blend - since it can inhibit your reaction time.

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