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I'm pretty disappointed because I know this stuff has potential I just have to find a brand that works. I came across it completely by accident in a workout supplement. Well my workout wasn't enhanced in the least bit but afterwards I noticed I had the most positive outlook and an increase in well being ALONG with the desire to socialize. I was super excited because its been awhile since I've felt so good, so when I got back home I scanned the ingredient list and sure enough the only thing in it that did't affect bloodflow was Rhodiola.

I look up Rhodiola and see its an adaptogen with many people reporting the effects I felt so I decided to order some of the NOW brand that had some good reviews. Well I've been taking it for 3 days now and still havent felt a single bit of what I felt in my workout supplement. I have more of the supplement so I will take that for now but because it has caffeine in it as well I really dont want to rely on that as my source. Perhaps the ingredients work synergistically but I really hope I can get that feeling with plain old Rhodiola because I felt completely cured of my anxiety the other day and it really gives me hope as a treatment.
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