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Originally Posted by al71 View Post
I tend to agree with Lacey's comments. A lot of the suggestions made in this post involve safety behaviours centred around avoidance, or part avoidance. This maybe useful if you are trying to just live with your SA but totally the wrong thing to do if you are trying to overcome it.

Provided you have got to the stage where you have some control over your ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and can rationalise your thinking, it can be however be very useful before an event to rationalise any ANTS before an event and eventually come to a conclusion along the lines of "there will be positive and negative aspects of this event but overall I'll be OK". It is not healthy to think either entirely negatively or entirely positively about anything but to think rationally instead.
Though, I agree that there seem to be many people who are more interested in coping with (or perhaps managing) rather than changing their anxiety, the approach you recommend isn't going to address all aspects of anxiety.

Thinking and belief related issues need to be addressed from feelings/emotions (e.g. fear). Especially if the feeling intensity is moderate to high. Much like you can't be rational and try talking to a barking dog that is about to bite you, dealing with the fear feeling needs different approach. Yes, I know from personal experience of changing such issues.
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