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Originally Posted by Cassoulet94 View Post
I see. Well my SA was not really "context-based" but it was not too severe. Nonetheless it was getting me really depressed. I think how you live it depends on your other personality features, on what you want to do in your life and on how you see yourself.

It also especially depends on the extent to which SA prevent you to receive what is universally needed by human beings -that's to say love-, and to give it to others.

Nice to hear that you feel better.
Thank you.

Having met many people at various anxiety support groups, I noticed that not everyone was interested in completely eliminating SA (context based). Many people were satisfied if they could "manage" SA.

While each person's goals may be different, as you mentioned, the common element is that SA is no longer a limitation and people are able to live the life they want.
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