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As a little kid I always made my parents angry because I used to not be interested in learning for school and I had bad grades, at school I was bullied and kids avoided me because I was never fun, I was always a very gloomy and serious kid the others were smiling they acted like kids, in my case I just wanted to be left alone even my family and our family friends were really shocked back in that time about my behaviour, because I was very different compared with other kids, as a teen I was very rebel and I annoyed my parents a lot, at highschool because of my social anxiety I was bullied and considered a freak and everyone avoided me, I had no friends I spent my teenager years alone, I had a girlfriend but she cheated on me and she steal things from my house, and I fought with my parents for her a lot, I made my parents to suffer but she just cheated on me, she took my money and steal things from my house, so my parents don't trust me even now with some things, now my teen years are over and I can say I get along well with my parents, I'm not so rebel anymore, but they still don't trust me, I guess it will take some time until they will trust me again, at college I can say I have a good relation with my classmates I even started to socialise a little more because they are nice with me so I caught some courage, but I think I'm already a failed adult, I'm good for nothing, I have no future.So as you can see I was a strange creepy kid, a loser teenager and now a future failed adult.
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