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Being a pretty girl, I understand where you come from. I have been able to make a lot of money with my looks alone, but of course, the money wouldn't be made if desperate individuals weren't looking for it.

I don't live in an alternate reality. I admit that I have been spoiled in the past because of my looks, but in the end, it has always brought me more depression. The people that spend money on me only care about the superficial. I have never been praised for my intelligence or been able to be taken seriously in certain circles because I am attractive. Those people want just one thing; I have always been treated as a throw away, despite my intelligence. Other women don't like me because I am pretty, men only want to screw me, meanwhile I am desperately searching for meaningful relationships and constantly being ****ed around. It's not as easy as it seems. It leads down a spiraling path of self-hatred and anxiety, especially because I am pretty and quiet. God forbid. Everyone just assumes I think I am too good for them, but the reality is, that deep inside, I am thinking how ****ty of a person I am and how I must not be worth anything because anyone who pretends to care doesn't hang around for very long. So yeah, it comes with its own repercussions, I suppose. I am always finding myself in what seems like a meaningful conversation with someone, only to realize that they are just trying to take advantage of me, but yet, I am so desperate for that human connection, I go along with it anyway.

So, it's not all fun and games, at least not for me.
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