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Stoppng paxil, SA doesn't come back


I am currently quitting paxil. I was taking 40mg, i then dropped to 30mg, waited a month and then drooped to 20mg, waited for three weeks and now i am on 10mg. I have been taking paxil for 14 months. During this period I made huge progress and I am now almost free of social anxiety. I am just a little shy in some situations, but nothing dramatic, it will probably fade over time.

Until now, I haven't notice any change caused by the tapering process, I am not going back to where I was before I started paxil. Of course it could mean that paxil had only a placebo effect but if it is the case I don't care, the means don't matter as long as I am pleased with the result.

The only thing I miss a little is the feeling of being high when I woke up. It fade very quickly but it was funny, kind of psychedelic.

Overall my experience with paxil has been good. No side effects, even at 40mg (delayed ejaculation the first month but then it faded out).
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