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I really wish people would make more post of their achievements like this. It teaches me alot. Like, while i ago i realized i was feeding my insecurities by dwelling on cool things about me or people's positive feedbacks. Your thread made me realized that's doing so will just cause fear of the negative opinions.

Also, i'm noticing a difference between people who are overcoming their SA: they continue on the road of learning and believe it will help. That's what i realized in past months and now following the same steps. 5 days a week i dedicated 20 mins researching/implementing methods to this. My theory is overtime more ideas and realizations will come through many applications of what you learn. Sounds cliche, but many people have this false belief if something doesn't work in a short time then it will never work, not knowing it take time before the picture and dots to connect.

Thanks for the helpful & inspirational post!
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