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Originally Posted by lacey23 View Post
I'm glad to hear you found something that worked VD. I'm sure it took a lot of work to figure out!

Actually, overall I wouldn't say that it was a lot of work to figure out. It was mostly the issue finding the right resources that took time. Especially, since 10-20 years ago it wasn't as easy to find info as it is nowadays with the internet.

Having said that, some aspects were still "tricky" because neither I nor more than a dozen people who work with approaches that focus on the subconscious were able to speed up the desensitization process which in some cases that took 11 years. It was more like something was "holding back rather than it needed that much time. Sure, in the first four years I did do a lot of things but there was about a year or so when I almost did nothing and the rate of change was the same. It felt more like a landslide being cleared from a highway where you can move little by little but it's not really progress of your work but something else.

But interestingly, as far as the physical symptoms were concerned, change "finally" started 11 years ago and things kept getting better and better gradually.

Now, when I look back what my life was it's night and day ... and in a way it's only the "beginning".
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