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I just came across this post while googling the fact that I get so much anxiety when I am away from my girl friend. No matter if it's. Day or a week. We live together but sometimes I get anxious just to get home from work to see her. Or when she is a way or out with friends I worry about her, I feel issues in my past are causing this anxiety. I just do not know what to do. I don't really have any friends to hang out with she is the closest person to me. I know she loves me but I feel like I need to be constantly reassured that she does. And when we are together I feel like that is reassurance. I am driving her and myself crazy with this anxiety! I also get anxious when she wants to go hang out with her friends. I worry they won't like me. And I want her to myself.. It's weird and creepy in my own opinion but I do t know what to do. Any suggestions, I'm going to try and make friends but that's not exactly easy for me
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