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Originally Posted by Ignopius View Post
Feminism isn't about progress. Men's rights have been subjugated by feminists in favor of women rights. Popular feminist think tanks make claims such as 'men cannot experience sexism' and 'men are rapist by nature and need to be taught not to rape' and other nonsense. Some college campuses have forced male students to take classes on how 'not to rape'. It's utterly ridiculous! And many of these extreme positions are winning over legislators in states like New York and California. Very scary..

iCod we need to have a long discussion. There is a wave of the liberal movement that is radical and just as bad as the far right wing. I have noticed you post TYT videos on here in the past. Be very careful because TYT is part of the problem in the liberal media.
They have been giving classes in college campuses on how not to rape?
That's gotta be some ridiculous dream.
I'll wake up very soon, I hope... lol
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