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Originally Posted by meepie View Post
Not everyone wants advice though, here. Some members just want to vent and sometimes even are rude when you tell them what they could do to improve their situation. So I don't want to reply to those posts, I want to reply to people who actually want advice.
Keep at it, and just try to remember that if people are being rude to you in response to genuine advice, it's most likely a reflection on how their problems are affecting them -- not a reflection on them, or you.

I have been sworn at and name-called here from time to time, even in response to innocuous comments. Over time, I've learned to just be like "whatever" about it. It's more reflective of their state of mind than anything else (or an issue with themselves, as some people are just plain toxic).

And, when you give advice, you are not just being heard by the original poster. There are other people reading, too (lurkers, even non-members) who could pick up on a few pointers. So, even if the author of the thread grouches at you, there may be observers who are a little more (silently) appreciative.

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