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Recently started NARDIL, need some advice

I was taking 40mg of celexa and I tapered down and stopped over 2 weeks and started taking nardil. It might have been a bit too quick but SSRI withdrawl is so bad I couldn't handle it anymore and wanted to start nardil to stop the madness. Ive been taking 3x15mg a day for 2 weeks now and I feel very strange. I still am very easily agitated from the SSRI withdrawl and am emotional like almost on the verge of breaking down at any minute then I fight it and it goes away. Ive been getting really angry when something something doesn't work and ive smashed a couple items. It feels like the nardil wants to work, and ive read that it takes 4-8 weeks to kick in. Im wondering if there is any stability in sight? Should I titrate up to 60mg a day after the 4 week mark? Im like 230 pounds, so Im thinking I need a good dosage.
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