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This is going to sound weird, but this is how my mom lowered her blood pressure from 150 to 112. Well, one day at her work her coworkers decided to have guacamole for lunch and they all pitched in to make it/buy the ingredients. It was so good that my mom got the recipe and then we started eating guacamole at home for a few days. Then my mom checks her blood pressure and to her shock her blood pressure was much lower. That's when she realized it was because of the guacamole. She wasn't doing anything different with her lifestyle besides eating it.

I suspect the ingredients in the guacamole (avocado, lime, cilantro, etc) probably lowers high blood pressure. Now she eats it regularly and her blood pressure is fine. She doesn't even have to exercise like her doctor told her too. The more she ate it, the more her blood pressure got lower and lower from 150.

Sorry if my story sounds unbelievable. ^^' If we don't eat food, we die. So maybe if we don't eat certain foods we can get health problems. I know that if we eat certain foods it can cause health problems. I had terrible eczema but once I stopped consuming dairy, wheat/gluten, and foods with a lot of preservatives, it went away.
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