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Originally Posted by michelleburger View Post
You may ask your manager for a favor one more time, no harm in doing that. But that is not the real solution. You best buddy might change his job one day. You cannot ask the hiring manager of his new company to offer you a job there, can you? So, always brace for changes in life. Change is always good. The fear of the unknown has prevented many a bright souls from realizing their true feat. Always step into the unknown and stumble on pleasant surprises that life has to offer.
This is true actually.

However the situation with me is not that I want to be with my mate forever in the job (we only see eachother at breaks anyway and occasionally sit together if possible because we're busy doing the job), it's that I want to be with him for the big change to the new department which involves joining new teams, meeting tons of people, learning new skills and entering a new routine. When I first joined the job for the first time I was a complete wreck and couldn't sleep at night plus was constantly worrying about work and wasn't even eating before my shifts because I was so nervous about it all, I really don't want to go through that again if I don't have to. Yes, I probably could do it alone but my anxiety would be through the roof and it'd probably result in a ton of awkward moments, loneliness and sloppy work (not to mention a ton of worrying outside of work) whereas if I at least knew I had SOMEONE with me (and someone who has helped me alot in the past) then I think it's a no brainer.

I don't need my friend at all constantly with me at work, in the last department he went on holiday and sometimes we didn't sit together and things like that and I was fine (although I did struggle majorly in team meetings etc), so I'm sure it will be the same case in the new department, but it's just the process of changing/getting settled in that's the problem here but I do understand and appreciate what you're saying.

I hope I made sense with that. ^

Anyone in the UK wanna text? :P
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