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Originally Posted by Shadow2009 View Post

I was going to ask my manager AGAIN if he could help arrange putting me in the same team as my mate for when the training is over, but do you think that's kinda pushing it? My manager knows how bad my anxiety is and said it's his job to help me and will do anything to make me feel better, but I dunno, I don't wanna look like a ***** and that I can't do anything without my mate?

What do you guys think?

(I posted this in the work section on the forum as well but that section seems dead so I thought I'd post here too)
It doesn't hurt to remind him again, so he doesn't forget and also fully understands the magnitude of how much it means to you to work with your friend. It also sounds like he's very accommodating and understanding for the most part, so yes I would politely bring it up again just to be safe.
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