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Introverts:what is there to possibly do and be like all alone?

What could introverts possibly be doing all alone.
what is all there to possibly do all alone.
i fight this stupid ideology.
i dont know what they all got.
what are yall findin out something new all by yallselfs.
how many options do you guys have really have all alone.
what are you guys really working with?
all yall have is yalls mind like some big guessing game all the time.
the language aint even n yours.
give me all the things you guys do everyday, really guys.
is it really this endless wonder!or any wonder at all!?
yall dont have nothing all alone.
yall are just trying to improve on other peoples stuff.
its all be done before, its like this fact of life.
my life is not complicated im a very simple person.
i need to be refueled, and where does that come from introverts?
im not going to create something new i know better than that and the stuff i use is all from society which is other people.
I can't even eat on my own.
if I stay alone I'm going to die.
are you guys keeping something secret.
if your not people oriented what are you oriented to?
self is not the answer.
what do you people really do all the time?
If this is the one thing that will keep me away from the people I love its just a evil device to kill me and you people dont make sense and are working against yourselfs, yall need to be shot

just wake up plz...dumbasses

pieces of **** all of yall..phef
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