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Don't be silly and do what is needed to try and lower it.

I had pre-high pressure and I have some kidney damage which doesn't go away. We don't know which brought which. And I have to pee in a container for 24 hours almost every couple months. You don't appreciate what you've got 'till it's gone!

But the last months I cut all salty things (I eat salt, just not salty things like chips), I stopped binging, I don't eat much sugar, cook all my meals at home, lots of veggies, not much meat, I walk more and exercise now and then with my own body weight.

My blood pressure dropped to very normal amounts. I'm pleased. And my mood is better because I don't eat crap. Don't buy crap!

If you don't have time just walk back home from work. Or do an evening stroll after dinner. Or walk to work in the morning. Or go for a walk during your break. If it's a priority for you you'll find a way.
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