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Lexapro and Thyroid Medication. Experience anyone?

I was prescribed Lexapro 7 days ago, 10mg. Awful panic attacks...not sleeping..hunger pains..4 days ago I called my doc and cut it to 5mg because I freaked out...couldn't do it. Was dizzy so I called out of work and needed to cut it. 3 days ago I find out that I have Thyroid issues! Hypothyroid so now I'm on medicine for that. I'm underweight though which is the opposite of most cases but that explains anxiety, panic attacks, hunger pains... never had a Thyroid issue before.
I don't know if it was the Lexapro that gave me these nasty effects or the Thyroid problem but the point is I cut the Lexapro in half...but I feel like it's not enough in terms of the calm factor. I have an eating phobia along with this and the 10mg helped me better with it. The 10mg I felt all the bad things but was Calm in between (I know I haven't been on it long so it's strange. Placebo ah I just don't know..or the thyroid..Idon't know). Now I'm nowhere near as calm...and still have the insomnia for over a week. The battle of physical vs mental I don't know what's what geez haha.

Should I up my dose back to 10mg as prescribed originally? Have any of you done that after going back down already? I just want opinions. I'm seeing my doctor next Friday so I might just wait until then since him and I have to talk about Thyroid now on top of this. But I feel like for me...the 5mg isn't working ..and I don't know what approach to take with my doctor. Hes my GP not a psychiatrist...knowing how I am I'd avoid upsetting the apple cart out of fear...but I also don't want to take 5MG of something if it does nothing. Do you think I might feel something later? The 10mg definitely felt like I was on a cloud at times which was weird cause that was so quick. I've never been on any medication before until now. Anyone take Thyroid medicine with Lexapro (or similar?) What has it done for you? I'm just nervous. I know Thyroid med unfortunately takes a few weeks ugh I'm hoping anxiety will lessen when that gets regulated but I need to figure out Lexapro at the same time.

I know these questions are lame and talking to my doctor before doing anything is the way to go. I'm just looking for some insight and other experiences if you have any
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