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Originally Posted by Stufer View Post
Any thoughts about topical use of magnesium (i.e. rubbing into skin)?
I was given some spray on magnesium by friend, who said that it can be a relaxant for both muscles and mind if rubbed in. Just starting to use this, but not sure of the science. It does seem to feel relaxing I suppose, physically.
Yea, it's a great mineral used for many things. It's also known as Epsom Salt. It can be purchased for very cheap in most grocery stores. You may soak in it, exfoliate your body and cleanse yourself internally as well.

I've recently been taking magnesium citrate for constipation but soon learned that its not good to take for long periods. I would also look into the warnings regarding long term use of magnesium, especially for those who become reliant on it. I have acquired kidney issues in the past through over exercising. Such issues including fatty liver to which many obese people suffer, can also be at risk due to a detox limitations. This actually includes a number of supplements.

It's always best to source your minerals from whole foods as excess proteins from food is broken down differently to that of inorganic/synthetic supplements are and tax the kidney even in healthy people. Kidney stones can result from too much of a good thing. You only have to research into Vitim C on that controversy. Learning the doses and self testing is the best way. I take 500mg of vitamin C but will soon be off it as I reach a higher level of fitness and tapper out a new life style change.

Finding the right dose is what counts. It's not uncommon to overload with excess, through long term use on your skin either. It only took a few times picking fruit in a field for me to get sick due to the poison used to successfully grow the crops.

It's a great product - but it's not for everyone and knowing how much and how long to use it is key.

Hope some of the links are of interest to you. Just read up on the side effects so you know what to look for. That way you can feel safer testing it out for yourself.

I make no claims, other than show an interest and in need of much reading myself.

I hope you benefit greatly from it.

All the best.

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