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walmart cashier

I dont know if its due to my social anxiety. I tried to buy something at walmart, came up to this cashier, who made me feel uncomfortable. I swiped my walmart card credit card, it declined.

They told me if i have another card. I told them whats the problem. They told me they dont know, you should call them. Your walmart, how could you not know, in my head. I was frustrated, the cashier wasn't even paying attention to me, talking to some other cashier. I was like who hired you cause you been ignoring your customers the whole time, in my head. I told them the card is working i just used it to pay something else in a different store, how could it not work, i think there is something wrong with the card swipe.

They said there is nothing wrong with the card swipe. I looked at the people waiting, i felt the whole world against me cause they were waiting impatiently. I shopped at walmart so many times, yet i felt this way. I gave cash and just quickly left the stupid future, closing down store. After that, i constantly thought about it, i was angry with myself, should have said more and done more, because of my SA, i ponder about it in my head. I felt like **** cause it was difficult for me to express myself in that position. When i think about my future, it makes me even more anxious, how many times do i have to put up with peoples crap, without expressing myself. I never had a voice, always been that guy who is stepped on and taken advantage of, making my SA worse. I ponder further ponders about these things. Its a vicious cycle, i wish i can stop.
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