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Paralyzing Anxiety starting new Jobs

Hi all,

So I'm beginning a new job on the 23rd of September and I'm exited to finally be starting an apprenticeship, this should be a good career opportunity and I'm so proud of myself for having gotten this far, but there's a hurdle I gotta get over before I start...

I know I will be nervous on the first day/ weeks and probably extremely sick. It always happens when ever I try something new out of my comfort zone. I get anxiety through the roof to the point I can feel myself going numb and possibly faint, it is paralyzing because it gets so bad, my complexion turns ghostly.

Even though I tell myself in my head that I am exited for this job my body tells me otherwise, I've have this light feeling inside when I think about the day I start, it's not feeling sick, but you feel something odd inside.

I hate always having to deal with this and feeling this way, every time I try something new I always get this way, I'm going to have to force myself through it just like I did starting highschool and my previous 2 jobs. Eventually I become comfortable but it can take a long time. I just don't understand why I have to be like this.

So how would you deal with my situation, do you have any tips of what I can do to feel better when the day comes?
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